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In Dulci Jubilo

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In Dulci Jubilo

  1. In dulci jubilo       [quiet joy]
    Now sing with hearts aglow!
    Our delight and pleasure
    Lies in praesepio,
    Like sunshine is our treasure
    Matris in gremio.
    Alpha es et O!

  2. O Jesu, parvule,       [tiny Jesus]
    For thee I long alway;
    Comfort my heart's blindness,
    O puer optime,       [best of boys]
    With all Thy lovingkindness,
    O princeps gloriae.       [prince of glory]
    Trahe me post te!       [draw me after Thee]

  3. O Patris caritas!       [love of the Father]
    O Nati lenitas!       [gentleness of the Son]
    Deeply were we stainèd
    Per nostra crimina;       [through our sins]
    But Thou for us hast gainèd
    Coelorum gaudia.       [the joy of heaven]
    O that we were there!

  4. Ubi sunt gaudia       [where are joys]
    In any place but there?
    There are angels singing
    Nova cantica       [new songs]
    And there the bells are ringing
    In Regis curia.       [in the King's court]
    O that we were there!